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Wrinkle Relaxers - XEOMIN®


We believe in a little-and-often approach to wrinkle-relaxing injections. We use XEOMIN®, the purest form of neuromodulators. 

15 Minutes

Regular $12/unit | Member $10/unit

Units determined at consultation.

Vitamin Injections

Fig Shots

Powerful, proprietary blends of vitamin B12, minerals, and amino acids (plus one tiny needle).

15 Minutes

Regular $35 | Member $30

High-Tech Facials

Fig Facials

Using clean, top-tier ingredients and premier technology, our facials are quick, convenient, and designed for results.

  • LED + Oxygen

    30 minutes

    Regular $75 | Member $69

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  • Hydrate + Glow

    30 Minutes

    Regular $95 | Member $89

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  • Lift + Tone

    30 Minutes

    Regular $115 | Member $105

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This treatment uses multi-LED light therapy to recharge and rejuvenate your skin cells, sending light into even the deepest layers. It’s ideal for tired skin, first-timers, or anyone who needs an instant mood boost. It’s our weekly boost facial, so come in as often as you like!


Following a deep cleanse, enjoy blue and red LED light + ionized oxygen therapy to sooth and rejuvenate skin.


• Fresher, plumper, and brighter skin
• Calms irritation and inflammation
• Helps treat acne
• Balances neurotransmitters for proven stress reduction and an instant mood boost