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Wrinkle Relaxers



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How It Works

Xeomin®, Dysport®, or Botox® to achieve your desired results.

What are Stingers?

We believe in total skin health and empowering great skin confidence. In addition to our facials, we offer rejuvenating and preventative wrinkle relaxers personalized to your needs.

“Stingers” is our Fig name for neuromodulator treatments used to reduce the appearance of fines lines and creases that have been etched into skin over time. Choose from Xeomin®, Dysport®, or Botox® to treat and prevent dynamic wrinkles from forming.

Beneath every wrinkle is a muscle nerve. We inject micro-doses of neuromodulators into the end of that nerve to temporarily block – or freeze – its impulses and allow the facial muscles to relax. By relaxing specific muscles, we prevent the formation of permanent lines that slowly manifest over time as a result of skin tissue breakdown caused by repeated muscle contractions.

Curious if Stingers are right for you? Book a personalized consultation with a Fig Provider to determine if you’re a good candidate and to answer any questions you may have.


You’ll start to see results within two weeks; results typically last three to five months. We’ll send a reminder when you’re due for your next appointment.


Complimentary Consult
If you have questions about the treatment, or have never had a wrinkle-relaxer treatment at Fig (or elsewhere).

Consultations are always complimentary (and if you choose, you can have your treatment immediately after the consult).

Stingers Treatment
If you’ve decided you want to tackle your wrinkles and have had a treatment before at Fig (or elsewhere).

Know Your Units

With Stingers, it’s not one-size-fits-all. To mirror this belief, we charge by unit. You may feel you only need a refresher. Or, more rejuvenation might align better with your goals. You only pay for what you need, no blanket charges.

The below guide shows treatable areas and approximately how many units are required. Note: Male skin typically needs a higher number of units to achieve results.

Treatable Areas
Forehead Lines
10-20 Units

The most common area that we treat.

11s (Glabella)
20-30 units

Treats the pronounced furrows in your brow.

Brow Lift
6-8 units per side

Provides a lifted and refreshed look to your eyes and face.

Crows’ Feet
5-15 units per side

Softens the fine lines at the edges of your eyes, near the temple.

Bunny Lines
5-10 units per side

Softens fine lines on either side of the nose.

DAO (Depressor Anguli Oris)
2-4 units per side

Treats the appearance of a downturned smile.

Gummy Smile
2-6 units per side

Lowers your lip line.

Lip Flip + Perioral
2-6 units per side

Subtle enhancement of the lips. Also known as radial lines or smile lines.

Mentalis Muscle
4-6 units

Softens what’s also known as chin dimples.

Cosmetic Masseter
20-30 units per side

A jaw-slimming cosmetic effect. Does not treat TMJ.

4-6 units

Treatment for sagging “turkey neck.”


Your privacy is so important to us. We understand that not everyone needs to know what treatments you’re in for, or what you’ve had done. Upon arrival, we’ll usher you into your private pod for your Stingers intake. Afterward, feel free to do a little touch-up in the pod before you face the world again.


Each Stingers booking is 30 minutes, with about half of the time spent on consultation and half on the treatment itself.


First, photos of your facial anatomy are taken and reviewed with your Fig Provider, including how much natural movement you'd like to retain and which neuromodulator is best for your needs.

Then, your skin health goals will be discussed and we can recommend other treatments and products to support your journey.

Relax with an LED Light Therapy Boost to stimulate collagen and promote healing while your practitioner prepares for your treatment.


Vitamin Injection

Fig Shot

$20 (normally $35)

Add a Fig Shot (Vitamin Injection) to your treatment for added health benefits.

Our Stingers require no downtime, so you can get back to your day. You may experience small, red bumps that look like bug bites at first, but they usually go away within the hour.

Undesirable outcomes — though unlikely — are fortunately both temporary and addressable. Headache, minor bruising, or swelling at the injection site are the most common (but still rare) side effects. 


We recommend avoiding the below:
■ Drinking alcohol 12 hours prior to your Stingers treatment
■ Vigorous exercise for about 24 hours post-treatment (and lying down for four hours post)
■ Neuromodulator treatments during pregnancy and while nursing (we won’t administer them at Fig)
■ Facials immediately post-treatment. Support your skin health by booking a facial before your Stingers.


We’ll text you to check in on your progress and to see if you’d like to set up a 14-day follow-up appointment. Sometimes you may need a little tweak.


Meet our favorite products to keep your skin looking its best between treatments.

Recommended for CATEGORY
Recommended for CATEGORY
Recommended for CATEGORY

Before + After

Our goal is to give skin a renewed, smoothed-out appearance that looks natural.

After 2 Weeks
22 Units.
Age 37.
Other areas treated: