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Light Therapy Boost Facial Gift Card


A gift card for Light Therapy Boost no-contact facial. Using incredible technology LED to help repair the skin. These no contact, self serve boosts focus on rejuvenation (red light) + correction (blue light). Treat the skin from the inside out.

In the pod chose from sealed products to be used in conjunction with the LED boost, selected for your skincare goals for even more beneficial and long lasting results.


• Glowing, plump skin and a meditative calm that radiates throughout the entire body

Red 633nm light stimulates collagen, encourages healing, shrinks the appearance of pores, accelerates skin repair, and soothes inflammation.
Best for: All skin types, especially those concerned with fine lines and wrinkles as a result of sun and environmental stressors.

Blue light targets the surface of the skin, kills bacteria, reduces oil production, and prevents future breakouts.
Best for: Blemishes and acne-prone complexions.

Used in tandem Red + Blue light improves skin health (expect the skin to be more
hydrated, lifted, repaired, and renewed).
Boosts wellbeing (expect less stress and more energy), and strengthens the skin barrier (expect less acne, pigmentation, and inflammation).

Best results when used consistently.
Combined wavelengths are prescribed according to skin concern.