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Our Story

Why does it take 90 minutes for a facial?

Why is it so hard to find products without toxins?

Why is there still a stigma around facial injections?

Why can’t I get a quick and easy energy boost when I need it?

Why do I feel like I’m walking into a hospital when I go for skincare appointments?

Obvious questions, right? As mothers with (very) little time—and a desire to look and feel our best—we felt like there should be some easy answers. When we found out there weren’t, we set out to create Fig.


What we do

Quick, clean, doctor-led injections and facials in a beautifully designed environment that transports you away from the business of life. 30 minutes is our magic number: just enough time to fit into your busy day, and quick enough that you can enjoy regular visits (and great results).

Our Commitment

Our commitment to being clean and technology-driven applies to everything we do, from the products we use to the machines that support our Doctors and Skin Educators. We’re turning the commission-based injection model upside-down, and aligning the aesthetic desires of our clients with true medical expertise.

Our Belief

The most beautiful you is… you. We’re all about supporting and celebrating what came naturally. Our approach to injections is little and often, staying true to your desired outcomes with services that don’t freeze, disguise, or dramatically alter what you look like.

Sound ambitious? Good. We have big plans—and we’re just getting started.


We can’t wait to see your face.


JJ + Anita