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Frequently Asked Questions.

The Fig bar
What time do you open?
Skincare should work around your schedule. We are open 8am - 8pm Monday - Sunday in Fig Bar Kitsilano + Fig Bar Main Street.
Where are you located?
We have two locations. Our permanent Fig Bar Kitsilano is located at 2050 W.4th Avenue in Vancouver. Our Fig Bar Main Street is located at 3570 Main Street in Vancouver.
Do I need to tip?
No. We’re a medical service, so we have a no-tip policy.
How long will my appointment take?
Appointment times may vary and we have extended treatment times to accomodate the current health + safety protocols. Please complete your waivers prior to arrival and arrive a few minutes before your booking time.
If I arrive late, can I still get my treatment?
We know that life happens. We’ll always do our best to accommodate you, whether that’s fitting you in (if it doesn’t affect subsequent bookings), keeping you first in line for our next appointment opening, or rescheduling for another time. If you’re running late, please give us a heads-up by calling 604-423-3881.
Do you take walk-ins?
We normally welcome walk-ins! But in this 'new normal' please ring ahead and we’ll do our best to squeeze you in. We suggest booking ahead for your visit, so we can make sure you are able to fill in the intake forms in the comfort of your own home.
How far in advance should I book?
It’s a great idea to book ahead, as we often get busy and want to accommodate your desired time slot. We know that you might prefer to have repeat visits scheduled, so we allow booking ahead up to three months.
How can I book an appointment?
You can book an appointment easily on this website, through mindbody online or app, or by phone at 604-423-3881. Please be aware that we’ll do our best, but we cannot guarantee we’ll attend to email appointment requests.
Can I book more than one treatment for a single visit?
Of course! We’re all for maximizing time and efficiency. If you have a Fig Facial or Stingers booked, you don’t need to book extra time to receive a Fig Shot. If you’d like to add Stingers to your facial or vice versa, no problem—we’ll start with the facial and follow with the Stingers treatment.
What is the cancellation policy?
We do require a 4hr cancellation notification. If you do need to cancel and are feeling unwell, please call the Fig Bar Kitsilano at 604.423.3881 or Fig Bar Downtown at 604.603.3881. Or email and we will waive the $35 cancellation fee. Thank you for your understanding.
When does my credit card get charged?
We require your credit card details to set up your Fig account and for booking, but you will not be charged until you have received your service.
What forms of payment do you take?
We accept all major credit cards, debit cards and Apple Pay. Currently, in the new normal, we are not accepting cash payment.
My friends want to come with me. Can we book appointments at the same time?
Absolutely! Give us a call and we’ll find a time to fit you all in.
Are children allowed?
We like children, we have children, but due to Fig being a medical establishment we cannot accommodate small children in the Fig Bar during treatments. Thank you for your understanding.
Do you have parking?
Meter parking is available along West 4th Avenue and on Maple Street.
I received a gift card for a facial. Can I apply the value to other treatments instead?
Yes. If you received a physical gift card, please bring it to our Fig Bar to redeem the value towards a treatment or product. Physical gift cards cannot be used to purchase product online.
What is your gift card policy?
Please treat physical gift cards like cash. Gift cards are not replaceable if lost, stolen, or damaged. Gift cards cannot be returned or exchanged for cash. All returned items that were purchased using a gift card will be refunded to a merchandise credit.
I love clean skincare and I’d like to be part of the Fig Family. Are you hiring?
We’d love to hear from you. Please click the Careers link to apply for our current openings.
I normally see my Doctor/Dermatologist’s office for cosmetic injectable treatments. How is this different?
It’s not! However, we only offer three specific treatments and operate in a beautifully designed space (not your typical doctor’s office). Our Fig Doctors—which include naturopathic, medical doctors and dentists—administer our Stingers treatments, nurses administer our Fig Shots, and our Skin Educators administer facials. They are all highly skilled and deliver best-in-class results and exceptional experiences.
Can I request a specific therapist?
Our thoughtfully curated treatment menu, rigorous training process, and thorough medical charting means you don’t have to wait for a “favourite” therapist. Each of our Doctors and Skin Educators have been highly trained to provide consistent results through our Fig Method of treatment.
Will I be treated in a private room?
Yes. All of our treatments take place in pods, completely screened rooms where you’ll be able to hear the store’s ambient noise but won’t be overheard. Privacy and discretion is incredibly important to us (you can even pay for your treatment before you leave the pod).
Will there be any downtime after my treatment?
None of our treatments require downtime, although there is a chance you may bruise after Stingers.
What is XEOMIN®?
Xeomin is an FDA-approved, clinically proven neuromodulator that blocks the release of chemicals that cause muscle contractions. Xeomin is made through a unique manufacturing process that isolates the therapeutic component of the molecule and removes the accessory protein that plays an active role in treatment.
How many units of Xeomin will I need?
The number of units needed varies from person to person, but the facial diagram on our Stingers treatment page shows approximate units for each area. In your complimentary consultation prior to treatment, you’ll be able to discuss your personalized plan and units with your Fig Doctor. A $50 no-show fee applies to complimentary consultations.
How long will it take to see results?
You may see results in as early as five days. We recommend waiting 10 days for your follow up consultation and touch-up (if needed).
What can I do to minimize bruising?
Your face is full of veins and capillaries, so bruising may occur after your Stingers treatment. To reduce your chances of bruising, avoid using blood thinners such as aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oil, and vitamin E for one week prior to your treatment. Try to avoid alcohol and caffeine one to two days prior.
How long will the bruising last?
If you experience bruising, the severity will depend on the area of injection and can last from three to five days. We include topical arnica and an ice pack to take home—apply them regularly to decrease bruising and downtime. If you start to feel concerned, please call us at 604-423-3881
How long will the results last?
Stingers typically last between three to five months. This varies from person to person and depends on the area injected. We recommend treatments every three months.
Can I get a facial on the same day as my Stingers?
Yes, if you have your facial first. We’re happy to book Stingers immediately after a facial, but if you have recently had Stingers, we recommend waiting five days before getting a facial treatment. (PS: You can get a Fig Shot at any time!)
Fig shots
What does vitamin B12 do for you?
Vitamin B12 is vital for optimal health, which is why it’s the foundation of all our Fig Shot formulas! Benefits include improved energy, better sleep, elevated mood (it increases serotonin), increased focus, hormone regulation, and so much more. Vitamin B12 has been used to treat many conditions, including bursitis, hepatitis, Bell’s palsy, vitiligo, herpes zoster, hyperhomocysteinemia, sciatica, trigeminal neuralgia, depression, dementia, chronic fatigue, neurodermatitis, diabetic neuropathy, hyperthyroidism, asthma, infertility, and tobacco amblyopia/cyanide poisoning. The list goes on and on.
How does a vitamin shot differ from vitamin supplements?
Many people eat a healthy diet or take supplements to improve their nutrient status and health. However, only about 30% of the nutrients you get from consuming fruits and veggies get absorbed through your digestive system. What’s more, many supplements, juices, and smoothies contain high amounts of natural and/or added sugars. Some people also have food sensitivities that include fruits and veggies. This can lead to inflammation, which further causes nutrient deficiencies. By injecting nutrients directly into your muscle tissue, they bypass the digestive tract and become 100% bioavailable, meaning your entire body can immediately use them. You may even taste the nutrients within seconds of getting a shot—that's how fast they travel through your body!
If I take a vitamin supplement, do I need a vitamin shot?
Many people have trouble with nutrient absorption (either from supplements or food) due to the presence of intestinal inflammation, poor gut health, or a deficiency of some kind. All of these things can affect nutrient absorption. Injecting nutrients directly into your muscles sidesteps these issues by delivering nutrients directly to the cells and feeding your body instantaneously.
How long will the vitamins remain in my body? What happens to the excess?
The nutrients we provide in our Fig Shots are all water-soluble, and the only water-soluble nutrient that can be stored in the body is vitamin B12 (and it’s in very small amounts). That said, the effects of our shots vary between people. Typically, you’ll feel the benefits for about a week afterwards.
Is it possible to overdose on vitamins?
The short answer is no. There is no established upper limit (UL) for vitamin B12 or other water-soluble vitamins (because of their low potential for toxicity). Even if your bloodwork shows high levels of vitamin B12 when you’re supplementing, it’s nothing to be concerned about.
Is it normal to taste the vitamins after getting a shot?
Yes! Some people will taste the nutrients, and some never do. If you do, it’s usually within a few minutes of receiving your vitamin shot. Tasting B vitamins is simply an indication of how quickly the nutrients are getting absorbed and transported through your body.
How frequently do I need to get a Fig Shot?
Everyone is different. You’ll notice benefits from each injection, no matter how far apart you receive them. We encourage getting a vitamin shot on a weekly to monthly basis due to the safety profile of B vitamins. Overdosing on vitamin B12 is difficult, and there are no known adverse health effects associated with high intakes (from either food or supplements).
Does having a Fig Shot hurt?
Our staff are experts at intramuscular injections, so Fig Shots typically cause little to no pain. However, everyone’s tolerance is different. If you stay calm, are well hydrated, and have eaten within two hours of receiving your injection you should feel fine. We’ll position you properly and guide you on how to relax for a comfortable experience.
Where do you inject me for the Fig Shot?
Our Fig Shots are intramuscular (IM) injections, meaning the solution gets injected directly into your muscle for optimal absorption. We typically administer the shots into the top of your gluteal muscle (hip/top of your bum) or into your upper arm. We like to inject into these larger muscles because they can hold larger volumes of fluid and have greater blood supply for faster absorption. (Plus, you tend to barely feel it.)
Will I bruise or bleed after a Fig Shot?
It’s different for everybody. If you're taking a medication or supplement that thins your blood, the risk of bruising from a Fig Shot increases. Other reasons for bruising include, but are not limited to: thinning skin, vasculitis, purpuric dermatosis, platelet deficiency, liver disease, vitamin K deficiency, vitamin C deficiency, moving your body during the injection, or dehydration. You may experience pinpoint bleeding where the needle pierces the skin, but it will be minimal and will subside within a few seconds. It’s our policy to cover the area with a band-aid even if it’s not necessary.
Are Fig Shots vegan or been tested on animals?
The vitamin B12 in our Fig Shots is derived from natural cultures that are not animal sourced. All of our shots are vegan, and none of the ingredients have ever been tested on animals.
How long does it take to get a Fig Shot?
Each Fig Shot takes a few minutes to prepare and administer, so the experience can take five to ten minutes total. If you haven’t filled out the consent form beforehand, it may take an additional few minutes. We encourage you to fill out the paperwork online prior to arriving for your injection. We work as quickly as possible to provide you with quality care and service, keeping your safety our number-one priority.
How old do you have to be to get a Fig Shot?
To receive injections, you must be at least 18 years old (or 16 years old with a guardian present).
Are the injectable solutions sterile? Where do you source the ingredients?
Absolutely! Our sterile injectable solutions are provided from certified compounding pharmacies.
What are the potential side effects/risks? What happens if I get a bad reaction?
Side effects are generally non-existent or mild. On occasion, you may experience some discomfort, bruising, redness, itching, inflammation, or tenderness at or around the site of injection that could last from a few minutes to several days. Less frequent side effects may include light headedness, nausea, fatigue, headache, dizziness, warmth, or flushing. True allergic reaction is extremely rare. However, if you experience throat swelling, a pruritic (itchy) body rash, dangerously low blood pressure (that may result in light headedness, fainting, or feeling weak), or symptoms associated with anaphylaxis (such as throat swelling or trouble breathing) following administration of an injection, please visit your nearest emergency department without hesitation or call 9-1-1. If you know you are allergic to any of the ingredients in a Fig shot please avoid it! Discomfort or pain is more common when you are dehydrated, tense, or you’ve just worked out the muscle we injected. The key is to relax, be well-nourished, and come hydrated!
Are the Fig shots safe? Are these safe if I’m breastfeeding/ pregnant?
Yes, our Fig Shots are very safe. All vitamin shots are water-soluble, but those with certain health conditions (cancer, liver disease, compromised kidney function) or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid certain nutrients. Since we are not overseeing your bloodwork, we would prefer that you see your regular physician for any type of injection. If you have any of the conditions listed above or are pregnant or breastfeeding, it’s our Fig policy not to provide Fig Shots.
Are there preservatives, parabens, or harsh ingredients in Fig Shots?
Absolutely not. Most of our sterile solutions have a small percentage (0.9%) of benzyl alcohol to maintain potency, and may also contain NaOH (sodium hydroxide) to adjust the pH for a more comfortable injection experience. We avoid commercially manufactured vitamin B12 and injectable solutions because they are commonly made using more parabens than nutrients (to promote a longer shelf life and allow them to be shelf-stable rather than needing to be refrigerated). We use clean and cruelty-free solutions!
I have MTHFR. What form of vitamin B12 do you use?
We utilize methylcobalamin, which is the most effective form of B12. Unlike cyano and hydroxycobalamin, methylcobalamin comes in a methylated (or active) form, making it highly absorbable.
I got a Fig shot and didn't feel any benefit. Why is that?
Glutathione is necessary in the transportation of methylcobalamin, so if you’ve received a methylcobalamin shot and don’t notice much difference, you may be deficient in glutathione or folic acid. Many of our blends combine these ingredients to maximize your absorption of nutrients.
Fig Facials
I’ve never had a facial before. Which one should I book?
We love seeing new faces! If it’s your first time getting a facial, please book the Hydrate + Glow or All-In. If your Skin Educator advises an alternative facial after your initial intake, we can easily make the change for you.
Do I have to take off my makeup or prep for my facial?
No special preparation is required—each of our facials start with a double cleanse. Let us know if you would like to leave your eye make up on. However, we recommend avoiding deep exfoliation in the few days leading up to your treatment.
How often should I get a facial?
Our facials increase muscle tone and circulation, like a workout for your face. And just like working out, they need to be performed regularly to achieve and maintain long-lasting results. We recommend getting a facial twice a month.
What if I’ve recently had fillers or a chemical peel?
Please let your Doctor or Skin Educator know prior to your treatment. We recommend waiting two weeks after fillers or chemical peels before having any Fig Facial treatments.
What is radiofrequency?
Radiofrequency is a preventative facial-tightening treatment for sagging or loose skin. Simply put, it creates heat waves that prompt your skin to restructure collagen and elastin, giving you a smoother, tighter appearance.
What is microcurrent?
Microcurrent is a low-level current that mimics the body’s natural frequencies to lift and tone the muscles of the face. It provides both instant and cumulative firming results and facial contouring effects.
What is LED Light therapy?
LED stands for “light-emitting diode” and is a form of low-level light therapy that penetrates the skin to target different concerns. The wavelength spectrum ranges from 600-1300nm, and treatment with different wavelengths can result in skin rejuvenation, tissue repair, reducing inflammation, killing harmful bacteria, and collagen stimulation.
What is ionized oxygen?
Negative ions are invisible charged particles that create positive energy. They’re abundant in nature and are responsible for creating a sense of happiness and well-being. For the skin, negative ions are like a super antioxidant to reinforce collagen, increase circulation, and create smooth, supple skin.
What is Ultrasound?
Ultrasonic literally translates to sound waves beyond the upper limit of human hearing. High-frequency sound waves stimulate collagen (aka the protein that gives skin elasticity and firmness) by working their way deep into your face, past the top layers of the epidermis and facial muscles. This sets off a healing reaction, and your skin gets a mini lift. Ultrasonic technology also breaks down the particles in serums, allowing them to penetrate deeper into skin, along with providing an immediate after-glow due to the temporary boost in circulation.
What is Nano needling?
Nano needling infuses vitamins into the skin by creating tiny micro-punctures, leaving the top layer of the skin intact. Creating these micro-punctures elicits a healing response from the body, which stimulates collagen production, tighten pores, smooths texture, and improve the overall appearance of your skin.
Is everything you sell natural and organic?
We love organics and natural products, but this is a tricky term in the skincare industry. Claims like “organic,” “all natural,” or “no harmful chemicals” aren’t regulated by the government. The US continues to let cosmetic companies use toxic chemicals in their products and has only banned 30 chemicals (while the EU has added a whopping 1328 to their “no” list). We screen our products to find the cleanest and very best out there—and refuse to use the industry’s top toxins. Our real focus at Fig is on clean and non-toxic ingredients.
I’m overwhelmed by what’s “clean” and what’s not. Can you help?
Yes! That’s what we’re here for. Why not pop into our Fig Bar to talk it through? Otherwise you can email us your questions at and join our subscriber list to stay up to date on all that's happening in the world of clean and non-toxic skincare.
How do I know which products to use?
Your Skin Educator will answer any questions you have and can guide you (if you’d like) into introducing clean skincare into your regime. If you’re looking to invest in clean products, we recommend waiting until after your treatment to learn what’s right for your skin.
How can I return a product I purchased online at
Yes you can, you can either request a refund through our guest care team, please email or request a refund in person at one of our Fig Bar locations.
Can I use a gift card for product online and in store?
Gift cards purchased online can be used online and in the Fig Bars. Physical Gift Cards can only be used in the Fig Bars.
I need help selecting the right products for my skin, who can I ask?
Of course, we want to help educate you about your skin. If you need any help with your product selection, please reach out to our guest care team at
Do you offer samples?
We do. We will include complimentary samples with every online order.
I have changed my mind how do I update or cancel my order?
To update or cancel your order please reach out to our guest care team at
What if my order arrives damaged?
If your order arrives damaged, please retain the box, packaging material, and products and reach out to our guest care team at within 24hrs of receiving your order.
Where does Fig Face ship?
We ship within Canada and US.
What if I receive the incorrect product?
If your order arrives and the product is incorrect, please retain the box, packaging materials, and products and reach out to our guest care team at within 24hrs of receiving your order.
How can I track my order?
You can track your shipment by clicking on the tracking number provided in your shipment confirmation email.
What's are the exceptions in the Labour Day sale?
No code necessary. Discount applied at checkout. Through until midnight 09/07/2020, or while supplies last. Gift Cards, Vintner's Daughter, May Lindstrom + Okoko Cosmétiques are excluded from the sale. Discounts are calculated based on order subtotal (before tax). Cannot combine with other discounts.
What new policies have been put in place to minimize the transmission of COVID-19 in the Fig Bars?
At Fig, the health and safety of our guests and staff is our number one priority. We have put the following policies in place: guests and staff will we will be pre-screened for COVID-19-like symptoms, international travel and contact with persons confirmed with COVID-19 or who is self-isolating. Upon arrival at the Fig Bar, guests and staff will be required to wash or sanitize their hands. We are limiting the number of people at the Fig Bar. Guests are required to wait outside the Fig Bar until their appointment time. No visitors are allowed for appointments. Guests are also encouraged to bring as few personal belongings as possible to the Fig Bar.
Are all your treatments available when you reopen?
We will be taking a phased approach to our reopening with the following treatment offering: Phase 1 - (May 19th) Contactless Light Therapy Boost + Skincare Retail Phase 2 - (Early June) Clean Injections + Light Therapy Boost + Skincare Retail Phase 3 - (Timing TBC) Core + Supers Fig Facials + Clean Injections + Light Therapy Boost + Skincare Retail
Will you be sanitizing pods between guests?
All pod surfaces and equipment will be disinfected with medical grade disinfectant wipes between guests. Pod curtains are treated with UVC light. In addition, high touch common areas and surfaces, including washrooms, fig bar, Moneris key pad, faucet handles and door handles are disinfected regularly and between each guest.
Can I walk in for a treatment?
We are asking guests to pre-book an appointment at or call us at 604.423.3881.
Are we able to pay with cash at this time?
Only credit and debit will be accepted for payment at this time.
Will memberships remain suspended during your phased reopening?
Yes. Your memberships will remain suspended until our Core + Supers Fig Facials are available for booking. In the meantime, members will continue to enjoy the perks, including 10% product discount for in-store and online orders.
Do you have a waitlist for treatments in Phase 2 and 3?
Yes, we do have a waitlist for Stingers, Fig Shots, Core + Supers Facials. Please email us at or call us at 604.423.3881.
Are both Fig Bars reopening on May 19th?
Fig Bar Kitsilano will reopen on May 19th. Fig Bar Downtown will reopen beginning of June.
What additional cleaning + hygiene protocols have been implemented?
1. Staff must wash their hands upon arriving for work, before and after a treatment, before and after breaks and before and after handling common tools and equipment. 2. High touch common areas and surfaces, including washrooms, IonixLight machines, barber chairs, tools, fig bar, ipads and door handles are disinfected with a medical grade disinfectant wipe regularly and between each guest. 3. Pod curtains are treated with UVC light between clients.
Is it possible to maintain physical distancing in the Fig Bars?
We have staggered appointments and increased the amount of time between appointments to limit the number of guests in the Fig Bar. In addition, we have reduced the overall number of staff in the Fig Bar at any given time. Our staff will be required to wear personal protective equipment (mask, face shield, gloves) during their work shift.
Why are you reopening with the Light Therapy Boost - a new treatment?
The Light Therapy Boost is a contactless treatment! Using incredible technology LED to help repair the skin. These self serve boosts focus on rejuvenation (red light) + correction (blue light). Treat the skin from the inside out. Individually sealed products, selected for your skincare goals are provided for use in conjunction with the LED boost, for even more beneficial and long lasting results.
Can I walk-in to pick up product?
Yes. We are, however, limiting the number of guests in the Fig Bar at any given time so we will have a one in one out policy.