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Wrinkle relaxers - XEOMIN®


A little-and-often approach is key to putting your best face forward

We’re proud to use XEOMIN®, the purer form of neuromodulators. Xeomin doesn’t contain additives or preservatives and works to relax specific muscles by blocking nerve impulses. The result? Softened wrinkles and lines for a rejuvenated, well-rested look.

You’re Injecting Me With What?

Neuromodulators temporarily reduce or prevent the appearance of wrinkles in certain areas of the face. Though derived from botulinum toxin, they’re a completely purified, non-toxic laboratory product.

Little and Often

We believe in maintaining regular, dynamic facial animation—just fewer, less-visible wrinkles. You’ll start to see results within two weeks of your treatment, and the results should last three to five months. Re-treatment times vary from person to person, but we’ll send you a reminder when you’re due for your next appointment.

Complimentary Consultation

Your complimentary first visit with a Fig Doctor includes in-depth discussion about your Stinger strategy. This is a must for first-timers and will help determine if you’re a good candidate for the treatment.

(a $50 no-show charge applies)


We maintain a highly professional, discreet service. You can book online, and there is no need to wait around at the front of our Fig Bar—we’ll usher you into your private pod right away. Our streamlined checkout process can be completed within the privacy of your pod, too.

Wrinkle relaxers

Know your units

This chart shows treatable areas on the face and approximately how many units are required (it varies from person to person). Your Fig Doctor will guide you through the process and answer and questions you might have.

  • Forehead Lines

    10–20 units

  • Frown Lines

    12–25 units

  • Brow Lift

    3–5 units (per side)

  • Crows Feet

    5–15 units (per side)

  • Bunny Lines

    3–8 units (per side)

  • Smile Lift

    3–6 units (per side)

  • Vertical Lip Lines

    2–5 units (per side)

  • Jaw Slimming

    20–30 units (per side)

  • Chin Dimpling

    4–6 units

Duration of time 15 minutes (plus consultation for first-timers)
Cost per unit Regular $12 | Member $10
Product description XEOMIN® neuromodulator
Administered by A certified aesthetic doctor
Who can receive it Adults 18+
Our technique Multiple micro-injections of Xeomin, taking facial expression into consideration
Discomfort level None to mild (we provide ice packs)
See results Within 3–14 days
How long does it last 3–5 months (we recommend treatment every 3 months)
Take home Arnica and an ice pack (to minimize potential swelling and bruising)

The doctor will see you now.