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Vitamin Injections

Fig. Shots

Powerful blends of minerals and amino acids in a vitamin B12 base

Why do I need a vitamin injection?

Research shows that most people are low or deficient in vitamin B12, which has more to do with digestive absorption than diet. Since we inject directly into muscle tissue, the nutrients head directly to your blood stream for instant results. We offer four Fig Shots, each catering to different needs (to be determined which one is right for you on consultation with our Naturopathic Doctor).


Star Ingredient

A powerful double dose of pure vitamin B12 in its most active form.


Increased energy, mood boost, and improved memory.


Star Ingredient

A potent dose of biotin (vitamin H) that boosts skin health and works. well with your facials and skin care.


Reduced inflammation, improved digestion, and healthier hair, skin, and nails


Star Ingredient

Vitamin B1 + B6, which supports healthy hormone production and helps mitigate the effects of stress on the body.


Increased mental focus, balanced adrenals, and improved sleep.


Star Ingredient

A powerful blend of amino acids that break down stored lipids and balance blood sugar.


Weight management, curbed cravings, and enhanced physical performance.

Duration of time 15 minutes (pre-booked)
Cost Regular $35 | Member $30
Product description Methylcobalamin (vitamin B12 base plus minerals and amino acids)
Administered by A certified aesthetic doctor or registered nurse
Who can receive it Adults 18+*
Our technique Intramuscular injection to upper arm or outer hip
Discomfort level None to mild
How long does it last Up to two weeks
*It's our policy not to inject pregnant or breastfeeding women. Visit our FAQs to learn more.

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